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"Malaika knows what she is doing. She facelifted my whole dating profile and I have to say that it looks solid!"

- Niranjan Ballal

Niranjan Ballal

"I would trust Malaika to replicate [for you] what she has already done for so many others. "

- Rithesh Nanda

Rithesh Nanda
Testimonial - Malaika Neri


What will we discuss in our call?

This is a 60-min coaching call to discuss your current dating/relationship goals and how to approach them. We will plan for you to get you more matches, and better dates. We will build a 3-step plan for you to start meeting and dating potential partners, even if you've never dated before, and are an introvert.

Why are you charging for the call?

Signing up for the call has a charge of €199 . This increases accountability; I'm serious about helping you, and you are serious about taking charge of your dating life. The charge is processed using Stripe software, the world leader in online credit card processing, and is secure.

How can you help me?

Women look for 3 important factors in a potential boyfriend or long-term partner: 1) Comfort, 2) Compatibility, and 3) Chemistry, in that order. When all three are effectively implemented, you can expect to meet at least 3-5 women with whom you are compatible. We will analyse how you can dramatically improve your success on these three variables, and you can choose to sign up for help with one, two, or three of the above.

How do I know this will work?

90% of adult women are biologically-programmed to seek partnership with one man (and only one man). Over 80% of women on dating apps seek long-term relationships, and 73% of them state that their top three desires in a partner are a) honest, b) kind, and c) serious about a long-term relationship. That's what YOU can offer them! Our goal is for you to go on at least 2 dates per month, every single month. We have 10+ years of experience in mastering online dating, multiple success stories from men in the same situation, and can help with all three of the above.

What if I'm not photogenic?

You're not alone! This is a common fear. Just like you, most celebrities and Instagram superstars don't look very good when they first wake up :) Celebrities and influencers use a combination of 1) Nutrition, 2) Grooming, and 3) Style to improve their looks and feel more confident, without getting plastic surgery nor investing in expensive products ! We want you to look and feel natural, honest, and easygoing - exactly as you are in real life.

Can I reschedule my appointment?

Yes. After you book a call, you'll receive confirmation via email. At the bottom of this email, you have the option to reschedule or cancel your appointment to any of the available time slots. Calls may be rescheduled up to 24 hours before the booking. After this time, we do not offer rescheduling. We do not offer refunds for this call.

What if there are no more slots available?

New slots will open up next month. You can sign up for a slot then.

Testimonial PM

"I feel confident now, and have a much better understanding of how to describe myself and what I’m looking for, and that I’m definitely interested in a long-term relationship if things work out and we hit it off well. If you feel stuck because you are not getting any matches and you feel like you have a bad profile, I can definitely recommend Malaika and am very happy with everything she has done for me."

- Hashwanth Shiva

Hashwanth Shiva

"The most honest review and my personal experience with Malaika. I was looking to boost my dating profile. She asked genuine questions regarding the kind of relationship in which I want to engage. The way she communicated with me, I would say she gave her best on the call and helped me right now. So I would suggest everyone to register yourself for this call."

- Jay Raval