Finally! A Proven Way to Ask Her Out Digitally (Without Coming Across as Pushy or Needy)

Yeah, you get it... dress well in your photos, have good hygiene, make sure your job is sorted. But once you've done all that and start swiping, once you get a few matches, how do you get a girl to actually sit down at a table with you?

Even the most polite to-the-point message could go into any direction. Maybe she'll be so happy that you wrote her. You'll have some back-and-forth conversation, then you propose a meeting, and BAM! she ghosts you

Okay, you wait a few weeks, and decide to try again But maybe she'll also be pissed: "I already said no" and then think, Ugh, this guy is so creepy, #metoo, blabla. Again, fail.

Meanwhile, you're thinking it shouldn't be this difficult, this complicated.

You should be able to get a match, talk for 2-3 days over chat, then you go for a coffee, ask personal questions, get to know each other, discuss family, background, present, future, and if there's an interesting discussion, then a second date after 2-3 days (it should be immediate), and if things continue to go well for 3-4 weeks, you can start calling each other boyfriend and girlfriend, and get more serious.

But you don't get this far; the girls either ghost you, or agree to a meeting and then cancel at the last minute. Or they don't even respond to the first or second text. 

You want to go out with someone open-minded, someone who will be into the conversation, then you'll feel connected to her. You definitely want to avoid the yes/no/maybe/yeah kind of responses, because ultimately you want her to feel safe and comfortable with you. But how do you do that if it seems like she's not willing to have a conversation?

Turns out, there is a simpler way to ask her out digitally and get her to actually sit down at a table with you.

And it doesn't have to be difficult, painful, nor complicated.

It's really just about having the chance to get to know someone beyond the superficial stuff, so that at the end of the date, you can say, "It was awesome. We had great conversation." You're excited about your next date. And when friends ask how it went, you can honestly say, ""She's very intelligent. She's beautiful. We have so many things in common."

It's about having some meaningful conversation, to get to know what she's really passionate about. 

This 5-step guide will help you set the stage so it goes exactly like this. Once you've matched with someone, this guide walks you through the exact five steps you must follow in order to get her to agree (and show up to) a successful, fun first date together. 

No, it doesn't require digital acrobatics, stalking her on several platforms, nor being more vulnerable than you're comfortable being before you get to know each other better.

No, you don't need to tweak your Instagram profile and show off whatever cool stuff you're doing in your life in order to make her interested. You want her be interested in having proper conversations and discussing ideas rather than being influenced by a guy's marketing. 

No, it doesn't require you to pay for Premium. 

This 10-page guide invites you to follow a simple, straightforward, 5-step process that invites her to say Yes and Show up, and takes you through each stage in the process, from matching to meeting.

Plus, to make sure you get your messages right, I've included step-by-step, detailed guidance on the specific kinds of messages you should send, what to say, and what not to say.

And yes, it's totally FREE!

Stop Getting Ghosted.

Start Going on Dates.

Get the exact five steps you must follow in order to get her to agree (and show up to) a successful, fun first date together.