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Your Dating Breakthrough Call Helps you...

  • Clarify the 3-step action plan to catalyze your love life without sleazy PUA tactics or wasting time on the wrong people.
  • Discover how to attract & date high-quality women who are equally interested in children, family, and settling down.
  • Identify and release the limiting beliefs and self-sabotage patterns so you start dating the honest, loving women you deserve.
  • Implement the 3-step game plan our clients are using to attract a loving, long-term relationship.

What are the results of past Dating Breakthrough Calls?

Charles Rigby photo

Charles R.

Controls Engineer

"Malaika is understanding, engaged, and has advice to give; I find that inspiring. She really wants to learn about me: "Who is Charles?" I didn't feel like a statistic. I learnt that there is a way to be the best version of yourself, and learn which aspects of yourself are the best ones to put forward. She's interested, she's open, and she knows what she's talking about. You're spending your time with someone who actually wants to listen to you." 

Marijn S.

Software Engineer

"Overall, it was very helpful. You've given me more perspective from the eyes of a woman. There are certain things I don't really think about, like what women want to know about me, or how to put myself into a dating profile, in a way that's effective. I talk to my female friends, but they give contradictory advice. Malaika has more of a foundation to guide, and what we should do in order to meet the right women. With these insights I can definitely make progress. Maybe you can help me even more."

Raghu B photo

Raghu B.

Finance Manager

"Thank you! I liked your questions especially about the magic wand and getting wishes.  It's always a challenge to take notes and listen completely at the same time but I think you did a good job of summing up what we were saying and contrasting them; then, you gave me a chance to explain better. It's helpful that you were primarily interested in what our actual thoughts are, not necessarily what they should be."

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Meet Malaika.

Malaika Neri is an expert in behavioural science and the psychology of connection.

Malaika helps successful, mid-career professionals who are logic-oriented, rational thinkers who are struggling to meet and date high-quality women through a proven process taught inside Advanced Relationship Skills.

If you're earning well at your job, and doing well in your career, but struggling to meet and get to know the right women who share your desire for a long-term relationship...

Advanced Relationship Skills is designed to specifically teach you how to meet high-quality women, take them out on meaningful dates, and build emotional connection.

Book your dating breakthrough call below if you're ready to find a long-term relationship without PUA tactics or wasting time on low-quality prospects.

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