3 Profiles - Indian Women in the EU

You want to meet a strong, independent woman.

You’re more inclined towards women who are strong, independent. Not pseudo-feminists, but real independent women. Somebody who has a passion for something.

This short guide will take you through the profiles of 3 ambitious, professional women in Europe ready for a long-term relationship, each with her own passions, interests, and hobbies. Each of these women comes from a different part of India, with different mother tongues, cultures, and family backgrounds. All three of these women have a few specific things in common:

  • Somewhere between Western and Traditional
  • Passionate about Travel
  • Ready for a Long-term Relationship

What's Inside...

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Somewhere between Western and Traditional

Raised in close-knit families, educated in Western countries, and easily able to move between both cultures. 

Passionate about Travel

They love to travel, and are ready to go on weekend trips and longer holidays to discover the world together. 

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Ready for a Long-Term Relationship

These women are ready for a committed, long-term relationship. They are looking for a logical thinker who is straightforward, direct, and ready for open communication. 

Build an emotional connection.

Using this guide, you will understand what each of these women is looking for, and, if you like a specific profile, how you can start building an emotional connection with her. The satisfaction comes from the process, not only from the result. And these women are looking for someone who’s ready to give their 100%.

Once you’ve gone through this profiles, write to me and tell me what you liked about these profiles, and which one you might like to meet in person:

Remember, there is someone out there for each of us. It’s about using the right approach to connect with them.

Download 3 detailed profiles of ambitious, independent women based in Europe by clicking the yellow button below.

Professional Indian Matchmaker serving Europe.

My name is Malaika Neri. I’m a Professional Indian Matchmaker serving clients resident in Europe (including UK + Ireland). I work exclusively with ambitious, educated professionals who value their careers and are ready to find a serious, long-term relationship.

I studied human behaviour and psychology at New York University (NYU) in the USA, and now work full-time as a professional matchmaker and coach, serving educated professionals in Europe. My clients are project managers, software engineers, and consultants. They’re smart, serious, and logical. They prefer straightforward communication and open conversation, and we’re here to facilitate you meeting someone who wants the same.

Malaika Neri - professional Indian Matchmaker